Proven Track Record
Over $5 Billion in Exclusive Single Tenant Net-Leased Property Sales

Select Transactions

  • aaronslogo-aa

    39 Locations Sold$39,300,000

  • applebeeslogo-ap

    33 Locations Sold$86,360,000

  • arbyslogo-ar

    27 Locations Sold$37,370,000

  • burger-kinglogo-bk

    24 Locations Sold$30,570,000

  • carls-jrlogo-cj

    100+ Locations Sold$175,000,000

  • cvslogo-cv

    45 Locations Sold$185,000,000

  • family-dollarlogo-dt

    131 Locations Sold$107,899,000

  • jiffy-lubelogo-jl

    40 Locations Sold$36,600,000

  • ntblogo-ntb

    22 Locations Sold$62,670,000

  • oldnationalbanklogo-onb

    44 Locations Sold$83,700,000

  • sun-trustlogo-st

    63 Locations Sold$130,000,000

  • walgreenslogo-wg

    62 Locations Sold$285,000,000

  • napalogo-np

    67 Locations Sold$93,500,000

  • oreillylogo-or

    21 Locations Sold$24,010,000

  • davitalogo-dv

    19 Locations Sold$104,123,000

  • racetracklogo-rt

    8 Locations Sold$24,326,000

  • petsmartlogo-ps

    15 Locations Sold$53,745,000

  • kfclogo-kt

    31 Locations Sold$39,460,000

  • lazboylogo-lz

    11 Locations Sold$53,217,800

  • starbuckslogo-sb

    8 Locations Sold$9,209,500

  • blackanguslogo-sl

    27 Locations Sold$84,711,000

The Glass Group

Driving superior results for net-leased owners

The Glass Group of Marcus & Millichap combines a proven track record, a national presence and unparalleled market research with access to the industry’s largest pool of private and institutional net-leased investors. The results are more than 1,500 exclusive net-leased property transactions with a total dollar volume well in excess of $5 billion.

See how our industry leading marketing platform and unique approach continually drives superior results for our net-leased clients. Contact the Glass Group to learn more.

By the Numbers


Over 4.7 billion in net-leased property sales


More than 1,500 net-leased properties sold

#1 Drugstores

Over $755M in exclusive net-leased drugstore sales


We outsell the closest competitor by a factor of 6 to 1

Unparalleled Research
Our specialized market knowledge drives superior results

Case Studies

National Presence
The nation’s leading marketing platform – #1 in net-leased investment sales

Maximum Exposure

Nationally recognized leader in net-leased investment sales, with over 1,500 transactions totaling more than $5 billion in dollar volume.

The largest proprietary network of information sharing: 80 office locations nationwide with more than 1,600 agents.

Maximum exposure: our unmatched strategic national marketing ensures the highest possible sales price in the least amount of time.